The Union of International Haulers is the most representative professional transport organisation in Bulgaria and unites more than 920 legitimate companies in the sector of international road transport of goods. Our members provide over 22 000 job positions, over 15 000 vehicle compositions and more than 1 billion euros working capital.

Scope of activity: The Union of International Haulers organizes and conducts workshops and discussions to support the rights and legitimate interests of the carriers at governmental level by preparing and submitting to the competent authorities projects and opinions on legislation related to the transportation activities; developing methods for improving the organisation of supplying the haulers with the necessary documents for international freight; supporting and supervising the observance of international standards for quality of transport services. The Union of International Haulers attracts professionals and experts from our country and abroad to solve the economic, credit, customs, tax and other issues related to the activities of the members of the association and all the Bulgarian haulers in international transport, in general. The Union maintains close contacts with other professional organisations in the country and abroad. The Union of International Haulers precisely conducts its policy to be in service of all members of the association and legal entities engaged in the transport of goods by road.

Targets: The main objectives of the Union are the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Bulgarian haulers domestically and abroad in front of all national and international institutions, thus encouraging the efforts of its members to regulate professional ethics in the field of transport services and the prevention of unfair competition.

Means to goals: The means by which the association achieves its goals include participation in specialized programs for the development of transport at a national level; supporting education and training of staff and promoting high educational level and professional competence; cooperation with national and international associations, unions and other associations in the field of international transport.

The Union of International Haulers is a member of the Bulgarian Association of the Road Transport.