Solicitor assistance

– There is a legal department available to the members of the association which offers qualified legal assistance.
– The main activity of the legal department consists of the following:
– giving legal advices and consultations on all problem issues
– analysis of the cases received by us and examining the relevant legislation
– preparation of appeals, requests, signals when there are grounds for it
– preparation of different kinds of contracts, letters of attorney, orders and other documents

In order to simplify the communication and the work between us, it is best that there is always a written enquiry, and if there are fines, certificates for infringements and criminal enactments, extending all the necessary for solving the case documents is obligatory.


The administration of the union grants to you information about the conditions of membership in the most representative transport branch organisation on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, verification concerning the payment of the membership dues as well as additional information for the advantages and benefits connected with your membership in the Union of International Hauliers.
It assists in all issues concerning the participation of your company in the various initiatives and meetings organized by the union.
If you are not a member of the UIH and have an intention to obtain membership in the Union we will help you.

Detailed information will be presented to you by the administration of the UIH (for connection – section “Contacts”)
If you are a member of the Union and you have a problem with establishing contact with the other members, we will help you.
For precise information about the activities of the UIH you can address us.


In assistance of its members the Union of International Hauliers offers conclusion of all kinds of insurances necessary for the branch.
The achieved preferential arrangements with the insurers can be used by all members of the association which have paid their membership dues for the current year.


During its history the UIH has developed a wide network of partners put into use in assistance of its members